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Would you like to join the Health Freedom Movement? Curious about how you can be an influence for truth? We need you! Pick one or more of the following and join our team in the fight for Health Freedom!


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  • For just $20 a month you can help us fund the next film as a partner producer and member. The films are so important. Watch the power of film here:


  • What’s included?
  • Exclusive access to Andy’s full podcast
  • 15% discount in our merch store
  • 24/7 streaming of VAXXED: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe.
  • A free copy of 1986:The Act
  • Exclusive first copies of all new films


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Host a Screening

  • There’s no better way to connect with like-minded health freedom folks than to host a screening of one of Andy’s films.
  • Whether a church, a community center or even a private home, let our team guide and assist you in making your event q success.
  • Andy’s latest film, 1986: The Act, is perfect for this, because it is the story of a husband and wife who finally after years of trying find out they are expecting.
  • The wife does her research and takes the audience with her. And boy oh boy does she make some discoveries!
  • After some push back, the husband (who is pretty skeptical… ‘What about polio for gosh sakes…’) finally sees the light. And together, they set out armed with the truth to protect their newborn baby.
  • MAKE IT A SIDE HUSTLE while building community  for you or your local health freedom group! For $500 you can host a one time screening, for $1000 you get unlimited screenings. AND get 50% off all merchandise to sell at full price and pocket the profit. We will guide you the whole way thru to help make it a success.


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